Giovanna Silva – Narratives / relazioni Baghdad. Red Zone, G

Narratives / Relazioni. Baghdad: Red Zone, Green Zone, Babylon is the first volume of a series that narrates, through images, the history of countries at war or in situations of crisis. Through a combination of evocative images that describe the country in an abstract but precise way, each place is revealed through a narrative path that is simply suggested by the author and can be freely modified by the reader. The images are only halfway legible and can be viewed entirely only by extracting the individual pages—which are not bound, because the structure is like that of a newspaper—whose sequence can be freely reorganized each time.
In this first volume the protagonist is Baghdad, described as a fortified city, as a place still defended by walls and thus comparable to its historical precursor, Babylon. 
After Baghdad, the series will continue with portraits of Afghanistan, the Gulf of Aden, Egypt and Syria.

14 posters in a folder
26.5 x 38 cm